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Hand pan instrument – Klezmara – C

1,960.00 $

Scale: D minor – Tuning:(C) G C C# E F G G# C

 – Diameter: 55 cm – Height: 30 cm – Weight: 4,6 kg – Waiting time: 30 days – Material: nitrated steel – Cover: included – Free worldwide shipping by EMS 

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 Hand pan instrument – Klezmara  (C) G C C# E F G G# C .

Diameter – 55 cm, height – 28 cm.

A large number(more when 9 notes) of sound fields can have the following effects:

The Hand pan instrument setting may be worse.

The volume of individual sound fields varies greatly.

It comes to a non-standard intersection of sounds.

The timbre of individual sounds is very different.

The more sound fields a Hand pan instrument has, the higher the risks in terms of quality. But there is more variety in the composition.

The fewer sound fields a Handpan instrument has, the higher the quality of the Handpan will be. However, the playful variety is also limited .

So first we recommend using a Hand pan instrument with 8 or 9 sound fields plus the main Ding.

Get an idea of different sound worlds: minor, major, and exotic scales

Explore what videos you watch of different handpans with different scales, and slowly find out what your ear likes.

Think about whether you play alone or whether you want to fit into an ensemble with your handpan.

Determine how many sound fields you want. To start, we recommend 8 or 9 sound fields + the main Ding.

Free worldwide shipping from Russia via Air mail  10 – 17 days.

Listen to the sound:

Listen sample of the TUNING FROM SHELLOPAN HANDPAN MAKER( just for feeling scale):


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