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best wood for didgeridoodidgeridoo screwDidgeridoo Removable Mouthpiecesdidgeridoo changeable mouthpieces

Multi Drone Didgeridoo from Palisander wood with 4 Removable screw Mouthpieces – D,C#,C,B

650.00 $

Main note:E,D,C#,C,B-  Wood: Palisander  –  Length:130 cm-  Trumpet diameter/socket:14cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3cm  –  Weight:5,1kg  – Cover/case: included – nylon highest quality, waterproof, shockproof  –  Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail EMS(9-14 days))

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Rosewood is one of the best wood for didgeridoo. In the first place because of its density. Brinell hardness: 3.5. The potency of rosewood is 830 kg / m3, and the density of beech and oak is about 690 kg/m3. rosewood is heavy, dense, does not dry out much, is difficult to split, and polishes well.

Modern didgeridoo with screw-on mouthpieces has high biological resistance, well resists all types of fungal influences, and is also characterized by high resistance to insects. It will never be eaten by termites and will be inherited by your children. Strength class: II (the high).
The best rosewood didgeridoo has a chocolate tint with a variegated striped range. Sapwood is narrow, light yellow. Professional didgeridoo with replaceable mouthpieces has
purple-brown or chocolate-brown color sometimes with a purple tinge. a real didgeridoo
it is distinguished by a beautiful alternation of light and dark stripes, has a subtle aroma.

A professional rosewood didgeridoo is a unique musical instrument. A didgeridoo with a case and 4 mouthpieces weighs about 7 kg (like a large djembe drum). The mouthpieces ‘ threads are also made of aluminum.

For professional musicians who need a didgeridoo in different music notes we made this didgeridoo.

E – Trumpets 1/2/3: F, C, F#

D –  Trumpets 1/2/3: D, A#, E

C# – Trumpets 1/2/3: C#, A#, D#

C – Trumpets 1/2/3: C, A#, D

B  – Trumpets 1/2/3: B, A, D#

Palisander it is the best wood for didgeridoo!


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