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jew harp Mihailovjew harp Mihailov

Russian jew harp by Mihailov

180.00 $

Lamel hardness: middle  ~  Volume: Loud  ~  Reed length, mm: 90   ~  Size, mm: 110*50*5

Weight, g: 70   ~   Material: stainless steel  ~  Manufacture: Russia, Yakutia

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Khomus Mikhailov highlighted the big features of the game, relatively rigid tongue easily manageable.
On such an instrument, both a rhythmic game and a leisurely meditative one turn out well. Due to the rather long tongue, the khomus has a long sound, beautiful attenuation, a fairly large range.

Khomus Mikhailov Pavel Nikolaevich rich tone and balanced sound.
Forged steel Yakut khomus C great juicy sound, rich in overtones.
The sound of this homus is characterized by the balance and breadth of the overtone sound spectrum.
With open wooden cover.

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