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Didgeridoo from Eucalyptus 186 cm – C#

870.00 $

Main note:C# – Trumpets (1/2/3):C#,A#,C#- Wood: Yellow Eucalyptus – Length:186cm – Socket diameter :10cm – Weight:3kg – Nylon Case: included – Shipping: Free worldwide by DHL (9-15 days)

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Where to buy a didgeridoo? – of course in our online store ethno-magic!

The didgeridoo is made from a mountain tree hibiscus, mountain rose. This is a very light and beautiful tree. Light weight allows the walls of the didgeridoo to vibrate very strongly. Lightweight didgeridoo is easy to carry. Also this didgeridoo is perfect for healing. First, it is tuned into note D.Secondly, you will be able to easily move the didgeridoo over the human body during the healing ceremony and you will not get tired. Didgeridoo has a unique green color. It’s really beautiful.

Where to buy a didgeridoo

So, you have decided to buy a didgeridoo.

If you are only the beginner and want the didgeridoo to become your best friend, you need to buy a good instrument. You can buy such didgeridoos at our website. Didges are made of solid wood, are not sawed or glued, which helps to create the special vibration.

Eucalyptus didgeridoos have excellent authentic sound, teak didgeridoos have the special depth of sound and don’t crack with the lapse of time. Teak is one of the most expensive wood species and its solidity protects it even from white ants’ jaws.

If you want to buy a didgeridoo but have no possibility to spend much money, you can choose a bamboo didgeridoo costing about 70$. Bamboo didgeridoos are easy in articulation but are not good in playing by the circular breathing method due to very low back pressure. Bamboo didgeridoos also tend to crack with the lapse of time. It would be difficult to use the trumpet while playing.

If you just want to try and haven’t yet felt deep connection with didge tootling, then a bamboo instrument is the best choice for you. Another good choice for the low-budget beginner can be a plastic didgeridoo which can be bought for ~100$. You cannot buy a bamboo didgeridoo online at our website as we sell only professional instruments, not souvenirs. Every didgeridoo from our website is checked for defects and cracks while being manufactured. We offer all the best with love to you.

Where to buy didgeridoos? Do not buy them in big ethno stores. They sell it with a 100% margins sometimes.
Look up on the internet:
— Ebay
— Amazon






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