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buy mouth harpbuy mouth harp

Buy mouth harp “Arpha” by Glazyrin

158.00 $

Lamel hardness: solid  ~  Volume: Loud  ~  Reed length, mm: 65   

Size, mm: 85*25*4  –  Weight, g: 27    –   Manufacture: Russia, Ural

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Buy mouth harp (“vargan”) from one of the best Russian master Dmitry Glazyrin. Astonishing quality for given price. Hard reed, clean sound – perfect for hard, intensive strokes in both directions and dynamic playing. Perfect combination of harmony and power – it is a jaw’s harp for everyday playing and public performances.

Playing the jaw’s harp requires certain skills, as confidence and a clear articulation when beating the tongue. The spectrum of the sound is shifted towards higher overtones, sound character – “cosmic space”. Fast dynamics combined with a long attenuation, allowing you to play on this jaw’s harp at any speed. Sound symmetrical in both directions. The material of the jaw’s harp – stainless steel.

Buy mouth harp

and you can safely go on a journey through all kinds of weather (even the wettest), and not worry about its appearance and performance.

The mouth harp is made according to the technology of the Yakut master Gotovtsev, but with a somewhat simplified form of the body. Therefore, the richness of the sound of this Jaw’s harp is similar to Gotovtsev’s Jaw’s harp. The gap between the tongue and the body of the harp is made minimal. Playing the mouth harp you will have to control the force of compression. This will prevent the tongue from touching the body of the mouth harp. The harp requires a fairly high accuracy of play. These moments can be an obstacle in the way of a beginner. These obstacles are quickly overcome by increasing the professionalism of the player. In the end, jaw harps player gets truly inexhaustible source of harmonics. The range of overtones is one of the widest, the attenuation is long, and the stiffness of the tongue is medium. Good for playing at any pace. Playing at a fast rithm requires considerable skill. Symmetrical sound when hitting both sides.

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