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Didgeridoo from Eucalyptus 186 cm – D

790.00 $

Main note:D – Trumpets (1/2/3):D, A#- Wood:Eucaliptus – Length:186 cm – Socket diameter :11cm – Weight:3kg – Nylon Case: included – Shipping: Free worldwide byAir mail DHL(9-12 days)

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Didgeridoo price 790$ includes free packaging, free shipping, free didgeridoo case.

The didgeridoo is made from a mountain tree hibiscus, mountain rose. This is a very light and beautiful tree. Light weight allows the walls of the didgeridoo to vibrate very strongly. Lightweight didgeridoo is easy to carry. Also this didgeridoo is perfect for healing. First, it is tuned into note C. it is a meditative note that creates a deep vibration. Impact on the root chakra will help to strengthen the connection to the planet and the subconscious. Secondly, you will be able to easily move the didgeridoo over the human body during the healing ceremony and you will not get tired. Didgeridoo has a unique green color. It’s really beautiful.

What is the difference between eucalyptus didgeridoo and eucaliptus didgeridoo?:

Didgeridoo price 790$ has the following properties:

  • Has a unique yellow color.
  • Perfect for didgeridoo heeling if you move the didgeridoo over the body
  • does not crack with time because it does not contain pitches

If we look at the etymology of the word ‘didgeridoo’ or its other name ‘yidaki’, then we seen that they were originally made of bamboo. A bit later, the priorities of Kangaroo Land’s aboriginal population changed, and eucalyptus became the traditional didgeridoo material. Nowadays, eucalyptus is concerned to be the best material for didgeridoo, as the clearest sound is reached due to the wood firmness and the grain structure. The secret is that eucalyptus grain has the other specific – it collects water. Looking for this water, white ants hollow the trees during the drought period, thus creating the sound of the future instrument.The sound of didgeridoo instrument will always differ from didgeridoos made from other wood species. Many musicians and masters making these instruments note that only an  didgeridoo can give this specific and well-known low-tone deep sound rich in overtones.

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