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Didgeridoo from PHEASANTWOOD 181 cm – D

790.00 $

Main note:D- Trumpets: D#, B, E – Wood:PHEASANT WOOD – Length: 181 cm – Trumpet diameter:11cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm – Weight: 3,9 kg – Cover: included  – Free worldwide shipping by Air mail DHL(6-9 days)

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Didgeridoo d key is the most popular. Most hang drums are tuned to the note D. the length of the didgeridoo is about 2 meters. Didgeridoo is set up professionally. The main note of the drone coincides with the first and third trumpet. The pheasant tree is very dense. The sound of the didgeridoo is very clear. Playing the didgeridoo is very easy and simple. If you decide to buy this didgeridoo, you will quickly develop in the technique of the game. To play this didgeridoo is a great pleasure!

Trading for more than 11 years, we have built an excellent reputation for providing just about everything anyone interested in didgeridoo music could want.

Noble and heavy, phaesant is a very beautiful kind of wood, spread mostly in Africa. That’s why it gives so warm and sunny sound. Dark-chocolate color and special texture gives it very unique feeling when you hold it. It is used for construction and for making boats! Of course, carving Johar is quite a challenge, but not for our masters! It will become a beautiful boat, that will carry you on the River of Music for a long time.

Didgeridoo D key ideal for:

The main specific features of this didgeridoo instrument are:

– strong vibe and high vibration resonance

–  rich overtones and vocalization.

Вес 3.1 kg
Габариты 165 x 14 x 16 cm


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