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Ufo drum Sunset B minor

399.00 $

Tuning:”Sunset” B minor: B C# D F# G B C# D
Diameter: 25 cm – High: 11 cm – Weight: 2,3 kg – Material:steel

Free cotton bag   –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS (5-9 days)

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Tuning:”Sunset” B minor: B C# D F# G B C# D

Meditative. Removing barriers in time and space. Find your center. Guiding you to a peaceful place within yourself. Miraculous. Peaceful. Warm and soulful. Like a cup of tea in your hands.

Magical percussion instrument metal tongue HaNT Drum.
Hant Drum – Steel tongue drum, уounger brother of hang drum.
Small and Light, Easy to play, easy to travel.

A Steel Tongue Drum is a unique singing musical instrument and also one of the youngest musical instrument, but its ‘relatives’, such as kalimba and wooden tongue drums. A closed metal corpus creates rich deep resonance of moving tongues. This model has clear, really melodic sound. Its obvious advantages are small size and weight, which helps to take the instrument anywhere and differs it from other similar drums. Completed with sticks.

Size is 25*25*11cm, weight is 2.3 kg,  Free shipping by AIR MAIL EMS.(about 9-14days)

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