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Didgeridoo from Eucalyptus Blood Wood 165 cm – F

600.00 $

Main note: F  –  Trumpets (1/2/3): E,B,F#  –  Wood: Original Australian Blood wood eucalyptus  –  Length: 165 cm  –  Trumpet diameter:  12-13 cm  –  Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3 cm  –  Weight: 3,5 kg  –  Cover: included – nylon, shockproof  –  Free worldwide shipping by Air mail UPS(6-9 days).

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Authentic didgeridoo from Australian eucalyptus is configured in note F.

The Features are: 1. The rich overtones from blood eucalyptus wood

2. easy game the trumpets.

3. perfect for playing fast dynamic rhythms

4. the generated rhythms are like the sound of the didgeridoo aboriginal Australian shamanic people

5. Reliable cover 4 layer non-toxic polyurethane varnish

6. a very powerful resonance


Вес 3.5 kg
Габариты 165 x 12 x 13 cm


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