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Didgeridoo from Yellow Box Eucalyptus 150 cm

390.00 $

Main note: D – Trumpets: D, G# – Wood: Eucalyptus Yellow Box –  Length: 150cm – Bell diameter:13cm – Inner diameter of the mouthpiece:3 cm – Weight: 2,9 kg – Cover: nylon  –   Free worldwide shipping by EMS AIR MAIL (7-10 days)  

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You can buy  didgeridoo online easily at our didgeridoo shop ETHNO-MAGIC. Didgeridoo (including mouthpieces) are made of solid mahogany wood. Didgeridoo are manufactured by-hand by the master and covered by three layers of the stop-off lacquer. Wawan, our crafty master, has found the way not to saw the didgeridoo, waiting for it to be destroyed by white ants. Using the force of the inner drill, he has opened the space for the sound!  This didgeridoo is considered to give the specific deep low-tone sound and to be rich in overtones. Firm thick wood and precise tuning of the instruments by the master create their individual and unique sound.

Welcome to the world of magic! The unique overtone horn musical instrument with the beautiful name of Didgeridoo will give you a spiritual mode of joy and inspiration. Touch the miracle of vibes, and the didgeridoo’s alien drone will create the special space moving you into the world of fairytales and letting you be here and now, beyond your words and thoughts! Just be the vibe of life! The didgeridoo will help you to bridge the gap between our inner worlds, to live in harmony with nature and with ourselves. The didgeridoo is a magician with its own might! Listen to the didgeridoo when it talks to you! The didgeridoo’s magic sound will touch your heart and help you to remember your mission in this world. Learning the technique of continuous circular breathing, you will enter the eternal breath of the living art. Just go with the flow of your breath and recognize the endless change in the existence of the whole fragile body with its parts subtly touching each other. Let’s vibe here and now!

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